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Expectations for 7th Grade ELA  


  • Follow all SDMS expectations, including coming to class on-time with all necessary materials and supplies.
  • Work collaboratively with others in a mature and kind manner.
  • Participate in class discussions.
  • Give your best effort on assignments given.
  • Review assignments with parents by checking agenda with them at home.



  • Complete weekly homework sheet (along with occasional supplemental homework assignments). Each will be given on Friday and due the following Friday, as the calendar permits.
  • Participate promptly in any class discussions posted on Google Classroom ( using student Google account. If a student does not have access to Internet at home, he/she should work out other arrangements with Mrs. Ooten.
  • Turn in all class and homework assignments on time. This includes all e-assignments to be completed and turned in on Google Classroom.
  • When not completed in class time given, finish all writing and other in-class assignments at home.
  • Study for weekly vocabulary quizzes (given on Fridays). Make use of or other resources.